Record Addiction

Growing up I would go to my grandparent’s house in Farwell, Texas, they had this huge hutch with an amazing record player. That’s where my record addiction started. So we can safely say its all their faults.

Growing up around vinyl was my heaven. Instead of going out partying I would stay home and listen to Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger. I was different but once the vinyl became cool again I seemed to be normal.

The first record I bought for myself (for years I had inherited many records or gifted them.) it was a Waylon Jennings album its still one of my prize possessions. Since buying that record I have added so many records to my collection. In fact so many people have given me a hard time about buying so many records. What many people don’t know is I stopped buying tshirts. So this is my thing now. I buy records to support bands that I love.

So if you love a band and want to support them and well own a record player but a few records.

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