I took a break

I am going to be honest. I took a break from my love. My love of writing and my love of being in a space I once loved. I fell into a deep depression for the last year that I am now crawling out of.

I lost contact with people who I deeply cared about. I think the only thing that has brought me out is the love of my family and music. I have truly been lost for at least the last few months.

I want to be honest with my readers. I am far from perfect. I don’t want you to look up at me to be a role model. I want to be a functioning human being and that is what I am currently focusing on. In the future my blog is still going to focus on music but also mental health. We all go through journeys of our mental health and I am going to be honest the last year has been rough but I am excited what the future holds.

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