Restaurant Review: The West Table

Restaurant Review: The West Table

Okay so this is my first restaurant review to do other than a usual yelp or google reviews so bare with me. This weekend I had the pleasure of dining at The West Table in Lubbock, Tx. This was my first experience dining there and really from calling to make a reservation I was welcomed by warmth.

Mike was the man who took my reservation, who I later found out was one of the managers. I was off the phone in less than 3 minutes with confirmation that my dinner plans were set for Saturday.

I walk in Saturday after a long day at work by 6pm. Perfect timing to some people but in my eyes I felt late. (I’m early everywhere I go!) I walk into the Pioneer Hotel that I remember seeing growing up. It was completely and amazingly well decorated. My mouth literally dropped.

I walked up to the hostess stand where I was kindly greeted. I’m sat at our table with a beautiful view right next to the window. I wasn’t expecting such a wonderful table.

The waiter greets us and let me tell you he gave us incredible service. He told us the story behind the restaurant and the and the process of  farm and ranch to table.

I ordered a Chardonnay and the NOLA Shrimp. The flavors of the sauce was absolutely incredible. The only complaint i have is that one of the shrimps was raw.

My mother had the chicken fried elk with jalapeño gravy, tater tots with homemade ketchup, and green beans. I’ve never been a fan of green beans but with the flavors from the green beans I would eat them every day! The tater tots I want to have at least 3 times a week!

I order the Lamb. I’ve never experienced something like this. The last few months I’ve been binging all shows related Gordon Ramsay. I felt like it was necessary to try the the lamb for the first time. I have to say compliments with to Cameron West and the kitchen of the West Table!

I also got dessert, a candied pecan, drizzled in Carmel, and home made cream sopapilla. It was an incredible experience and I can’t wait for another apportionity to eat there again. Not pictured because it was so incredible I couldn’t wait to eat.


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

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