Album Review: The Gibbonses’s All We Got

Album Review: The Gibbonses’s All We Got

So I am currently in tears writing this review because well the kindness of the Gibbons’s  I’ve been following them for like the last three years. I would say and it seems like every year they get a little bit better. They test what I think they give me something more to believing there’s just something special about them.

First off Jackie has a incredible voice like if I could sing like that I would rule the world like she really truly is like a queen. 

Their last album I gave them three out of five stars just because I felt like there was a lot of room to grow. That’s what I feel like they did with this album they kind of went out of their comfort zone to write this album. I had watched a video that they put out on their Facebook page about having writers block and what you have to do to just push your way through it. It’s amazing for just musicians to talk about it because I feel like there’s a stigma on this kind of thing.

So let’s dig into the album. The first track “Easier” it’s probably one my favorite tracks on the whole album I’ve been going through a hard time lately like the last three months with my dad being sick and other things going on and like it gave me a sense of like it happens everyone it’s not just you and that things will get “Easier”.



4 1/2 Stars our of 5 Stars

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