My Favorite Bands at the Moment

Property of Tim Castleman

Johnny Chopps and the Razors

Johnny is the current bass player for the Randy Rogers Band and in his free time off of tour he has a band of his own that is rock and roll has a great sound.

Property of Tim Castleman

Shane Smith and the Saints

Shane and his band have harmonies that leave you haunting and almost makes you feel like you are at a Sunday revival.

Ashley Monroe

Her whole new album will make you feel like you have been transformed into her world and you are experience all new things.

Ross Cooper

Lubbock Home Town boy just released his latest album! He has a whistle that will leave you haunted!

Property of Tim Castleman

The Texas Gentleman

As most of you know that I am obsessed with the Texas Gentleman. I own almost every thing you can own that has to do with Texas Gentleman.

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