Album Review: Parker Milsap’s Other Arrangements

Album Review: Parker Milsap’s Other Arrangements

Guest Post By Kyle Rhodes

​If you haven’t heard of Parker Millsap or you have put offlistening to his music (which I was previously guilty of), he could be best summed up as a John Fullbright protégé. Even though he’s around my age, 24, you would think he would have forty or fifty years’ experience on this earth based off of his songwriting alone.

Now that you have a brief backstory on Millsap’s style of music, Millsap has taken a new direction with this album. Instead of having a traditional Americana sound with an abundance of acoustic guitars, mandolin, and harmonica, this album is much more amped up.

​If I were to be asked to define the genre of this album, I would call it Punk-Country. I label this album Punk-Country simply because as hard as it can sound at times, there is always a presence of fiddle that keeps a folkish feel to the album. The opening song, “Fine Line” is an in the face tune that will make you want to turn the dial all the way up. The album does offer some softer songs and waltzes as well, which can be reminiscent of Millsap’s older songs such as “The Villain” and includesMillsap on the acoustic guitar.

​Overall, this album seems to continue Millsap’s cannyability to be one of the most versatile artists coming out of Oklahoma. One minute you feel like you gotta move (pun intended) to a song like “Gotta Get to You”, and the next minute you’re listening to a song like “Singing to Me” as you fight back tears. In conclusion, if you have yet to check out this album, you should make Other Arrangements.


4.7/5 Stars out of 5 stars

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