Red Shahan’s New Album Culberson County

Red Shahan’s New Album Culberson County

If you know me then you know Red Shahan is one of my favorite songwriters so when I found that his album was up for pre-order on Itunes I knew I had to pre-order so here are my thoughts of his single from is upcoming album.

Right now there is only one song available on the pre order and it’s the title song of the album Culberson County. I secretly think that Red may be a magic man or something because the way his music makes me feel is like a breeze of cool air on a hot summer day in West Texas and it sticks with you.

Cumberson County is one of the most passionate songs that I have heard from Red Shahan and I can’t wait to hear more from him.

Here is the Pre-Order link so you can hear also!

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