I breathe in the new day. Hoping that things will change, that maybe what happen yesterday didn’t happen. Why did my life turn out this way? What twist and turns happen to make this happen?
I was born. To people who weren’t sure of each other. One a mother, who gave me life and love. One a father who wanted to love me but was way too much involved with himself to truly provide me with love. At one point when I was five my mom married a man who loved and cared for us. Not just her but us. He brings joy into our lives and kindness to our souls. That is the man I call my Dad.
Yesterday I got a call that the man who helped create my life was sick. Should I do something? 
Should I care? He hasn’t really been in my life before.
What should I do?
Know that this isn’t my end.

Above all know there are people who love me.

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