Lifestyle: Co-Singer Curated Engagement & Bridal Gift Boxes

Lifestyle: Co-Singer Curated Engagement & Bridal Gift Boxes

I am absolutely a fan of of what Co-Singer is doing. No I’m not currently engaged or in the process of getting married, but I can really admire how incredible they are!

Here is was the creator Britt has to say about what she is creating:
“I’ve always been a lover of gift giving & design, & knew I wanted to do something that felt somewhat personal. Instead of (only) purchasing beautiful products to place inside each of my Curated Engagement & Bridal Gift Boxes, I chose to design a line of minimalist, chic products one could use before, during or after their special event has concluded; some of which include my Co-Singer “Blushing Babe” Push-Pop, Co-Singer “The Bride” Journal & Co-Singer Pencil set. Each of these will be featured in either the Blush Collection, for Women or Champagne Collection, for Parties. Several products have not yet been released, so expect to see more women-focused products, as well as a few for Men, as part of the Noir Collection. I didn’t just want to create another business, I aimed to create a brand. Co-Singer plans to launch sometime between Autumn 2017 & Winter 2018.”- Britt Cohen-Schlesinger

Just look at the beautiful things she has created:

If you are interested in these curated boxes check out these links!

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