Album Review: Paul Cauthen’s My Gospel

Album: My Gospel
Artist: Paul Cauthen

A huge soulful voice is something that would describe Paul Cauthen. He brings an old school gospel vibe with a twist of Waylon Jennings feeling. Paul gives me this since of safety when I hear the deepness of his voice.

The album starts out with the song Still Drivin, what I like about this song is that he gets in such a deep register but then a few bars later he comes up to sing in a higher register. Which is incredible, there are very few artists who can do that so I really commend him for that.  I really enjoy the fifth track on the album called Saddle, it just gives me this feeling. The sound of the spanish guitar and the trumpets is just incredible.

I really can’t wait to hear more from Paul Cauthen.

4 stars out of 5 stars

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