Steve Conway the man behind the camera

Mr Steve Conway was raised in Midland Tx.

His hobbies include Photography, RC Cars, Computers, and Graphic Design.

How long have you been in the photography business? And what got you intrested in photography?
“Began my journey with photography hard and heavy starting in 2002…went full time leaving my day time job in 2005.
Introduced into photography in Highschool Class of 1990.
I wasn’t ever serious about photography until 2002 when my first son was born.”

Who is your favoite photographer and why?
“I really admire a lot of European Shooters as well as others around the world. They have such a unique way of doing things and really cool perspectives that I find refreshing…so if I said one right now at this moment it would be Ett Venter Photography out of South Africa…he’s really amazing with the eye he has.

What is your favorite form of photography and why?
“A few of my main forms of photography that I focus on would be Sports for one, both in action and team and individual portraits for schools and leagues all over. That would then be followed up by Weddings…love doing weddings. They are so unique every time and I just never get bored with them and I just love being around love…it makes you feel so good inside. After those two I would put down Senior Photography as a strong 3rd in the line. I once had a time where I would do 100+ Seniors a year but soon realized that quantity doesn’t mean anything if your quality suffers. So I put limits on my Senior clients each year now only accepting about 20-30 Senior clients per year.” Meaning seniors hurry and get your spots!

What is your most challeging part of photography?
“The most challenging thing about photography for me is the business side of things…I like taking picture…I like editing pictures…I love being around people taking their pictures.”

What buisness advice would you give to to a photographer just starting out?
“Best business tip… If you can afford yourself….you are too cheap. Stop selling yourself short and get paid….that’s why the photography business is called a business…not a charity.”

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