The girl behind the West Texas Sweetheart

Hi y’all it’s me

I go by lots of names Kate,Katherine, Katie, and Katie Raine. You can chose what you want. 
Well the way I started this whole thing was I wanted to showcase all the shows I went to! And look at it now! I get to interview all these amazing people! I’m very thankful every opportunity! I’m now going into music journalism to help me in this dream I have! 
The next person I love to interview would have to be Cory Morrow! I got to meet him at celebrate littlefield! It was amazing!

I’m just a small town girl who has dreams of traveling and just writing about every music act I see! That’s my passion! I don’t have the talent to play! But I love the way music makes me feel. It makes me feel at home! 
I’m currently addicted to these songs 

Well I thought I’d let y’all get to know me a little!
Xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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