Photographer Heath Lowe of Littlefiield, Tx Q & A

Just a quick Q & A with the amazing photographer Heath Lowe!

Name and hobbies
My Name is Heath Lowe and I am a Graphic Designer for Lowe’s Market Grocery Stores and when they need me to be I am a photographer/videographer for them. But I am also a photographer in my off time as well. I love to do just about anything outdoor like camping, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, hunting and fishing. I am also a member of a local Volunteer Fire Dept. which is an absolutly amazing opportunity that i am also very passionate about.   
How long have you been in the photography business? I have been shooting for about the last 5 years but started my official business 4 years ago and love that I can continue to learn so much more about it in every passing day.

What brought you into photography? 
I got ahold of my dads old Pentax K1000 film camera one weekend and went and bought a couple roles of film and started to learn how it work and became very facinated with the way the setting of the camera worked all together and how light affects the way we see and shoot everything. In the same way that artist use pencils, paints, and chalks as their medium,  photographers use light as ours.

Who is your most favorite photographer? 
My favorite photographer is a guy from New York named Ryan Brenizer, he has an absolutely amazing look at not only photography but also life. He started out as a photojournalist and is now a wedding photographer, It seems like every picture that leaves his camera is telling a story. He is also very creative and has done things that others never imagined of doing with a camera. He came up with a method of shooting that everyone ended up naming after him, but he also shares his techniques with anyone that wants to know in hopes that it will push him to do even more creative stuff so that he never stops learning and building.
What type of photography do you do most? And what do you enjoy most and why? 
I do mostly Portrait Photography and one thing that i really enjoy is getting to know my client and doing my best to make a new friend or two. I have met lots of very neat people and continue to follow most of them on Facebook and try my best to keep in touch.

What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you? 
Photography is a challenging business to be a part of because you are surrounded by many creative and talented people that push you to make your own style and to step your own creativity up to the next notch.

What is your best business tip for photographers just starting a business?
Like most businesses there will be ups and down but keep with it and shoot, shoot, shoot, and then shoot some more. Continue to learn and research all that is changing in the photography world.
Thank you so much Heath for taking the time to anwser my questions! Your an amazing photographer! 
Here is his info to book a session!
Xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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