A boy from Muleshoe: Colton Clarkson

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

Mr Colton Layne Clarkson is from the big town of Muleshoe. Colton was named after the one and only Lane Frost. His mother had watched the movie 8 seconds while pregnant with him, and she wanted to name him Layne Frost Clarkson. Combining Lane and his father’s middle name Blayne.

Colton’s hobbies include watching that 70’s show, old western films, driving around for hours and learning about different kinds of music.
I then asked when and why he started playing. He said. “I remember this moment like it was yesterday! I was a sophomore in high school, and my band director at the time thought we needed to improve on our hand-eye coordination, so he bought done guitars and drum sets. I loved playing the drums! I really wasn’t interested in guitar, until the guitar teacher’s boyfriend told me “Hey, playing guitar gets you chicks, man!” (That part of this interview makes me giggle) And I was immediately hooked! I’ve always had a thing for impressing girls! But guitar turned into my passion.”

Now let me tell you this now! Colton is mulity talented! He plays tuba, baritone, trumpet, trombone,drums,guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, and violin. Woah my mind is kinda blown by that! What a talented young man! 

Some of the artists he really admires are Cody Johnson and Zane Williams! “In my opinion, are the first Texas Country artists that have the potential to change what’s going on in Nashville, and soon!  And I love their sounds! Cody Johnson is the most rocking country singer I’ve ever heard, and Zane Williams and his band can meld Texas Country and bluegrass together and make an amazing performance!” 

I then asked him to describe the first instruments! And this story is really awesome! “The first instrument I ever owned was a 70 dollar, off brand trombone that was dented everywhere. My band director saw it the first day of junior high band, and said I’d never be able to make a sound out of it. 4 months later, I had a solo in the high school marching show that made a one (the highest score) at I’ll Marching contest.”

His favorite music memories,”My dad is a truck driver, and he was gone for most of my childhood, and I remember playing him my first ever song I wrote over the phone, and him telling that I was gonna be a big star someday!”

Colton is one of the sweetest guys you will meet! Thank you! 

xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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