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Now I have to introduce one of my best friends! Christina Harkey of New Deal, Texas! Her hobbies include Photography, & Racing. 

She has been in the photography business since 2005.
What brought Christina into photography? “The birth of my first son started me out on the photography journey…taking snapshots of his “firsts” him growing and the fleeting moments…which turned into photographs  and also took my hobby and has turned it into my passion, career & therapy.”

Who is your favorite photographer and why are they your favorite?
“My favorite photographer is Aaron Johnson, he is located out of Eunice N.M. & he is an amazing photographer  but what makes him my favorite is that he is a mentor, he competes with no one but himself and doesn’t sugar coat anything…his work speaks for itself, he has been published many times, and marches to the beat of his own drum, I gravitate to “real” people..and he is as real as they get!”

What type of photography do you do most? And what do you enjoy most and why? “Majority of my work is weddings..that is my bread and butter. I do a lot of family sessions, my photography business branches out into newborns, engagements, seniors, maternity, boudoir, still “life”, rustic but my absolute favorite photography is racing. This is my first year photographing infield at the races, and I went from shooting in the stands at one field to shooting consecutively infield at 3. I love the action of it all….and the racing community is like no other…I enjoy it more than anything I’ve ventured into… “

What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you?
“The most challenging part for me is juggling family and business…having 4 children I have to devote alot of my time to being “mama” but a lot of my time goes to editing images, post processing definitely is a huge part of my time and it takes priority over sleeping some nights. 

My best business  advice to photographers: 
Do not shoot for FREE…EVER 
Even if you barter out a session for a friend with fuel and a drink you are worthy of something in return for your time.. Always value your work!
I absolutely love this women she has been my rock when everything seem like it was falling a part! Thank you so much Christina for every thing you do! 
Xxx West Texas Sweetheart 
Ps she took this of me!

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