Mr Hunter Hutchinson from Abilene,Texas

You can usually find this young man hanging around with the Josh Abbott Band and Aaron Watson a lot lately! Mr Hunter Hutchinson is originally from Abilene,Texas. (I secretly love Abilene because Aaron Watson lives there😍😍) When he is not on the road playing music and singing he loves to hunt and being outside. And loves to play his acoustic guitar. 

When and why did you start playing?
“I started playing when I was 17 years old. My dad led praise and worship at our church and collected guitars. He always tried to get me to play but I never took interest. When I was 14 my dad passed away from cancer and just a couple years later I saw one of his favorite guitar lying around and decided to pick it up. I started learning how to play basic chords through YouTube.”
I asked him what was the first things he learned to play he had this to say,”…I want to say the first tune I ever learned was either “Silver Wings” by the great Merle Haggard or “Amarillo by Morning” by George Strait.” Isn’t that cutest thing ever! 
Where does his musical ability come from? “My family is very musical, I don’t recall a single aunt or uncle that also doesn’t play the guitar of some sort. To do this day me and my 88 year old granddad play Silver Wings together anytime he comes to town.” Sounds like a pretty awesome grandad! 
I then asked him which artist he admires. To that he said,”Ive always enjoyed the greats such as Willie, Waylon, and Merle. But in this day of age I really enjoy Blake Shelton mainly because that guy looks like he has a dang good time.” 
And of course I had to ask him this question and was not really surprised by his answers! Which famous musicians have you learned from? “I have learned a lot about songwriting and performing from Aaron Watson. He has been a huge influence in my musical career and shown me every step needed to be successful.” Mr. Aaron Watson is an amazing artist and in his own words “he a Christian artist in a honky tonk world.”
His favorite thing about being on the road is seeing all the new towns and venues. Some of the venues particular stick out with there uniqueness. 
Hunter has been influenced by old records of the one and only King George Strait himself! I think my favorite thing Hunter said was ” In this new country era he has always stayed true.” Which is very true! 
When asked what was the funniest thing that has happened on the road he said, “Haha some things are just better left unsaid.” 
He also added his favorite place to eat on the road is at Coopers down in Llano.
And finally but not in the least his favorite place to play in is….”We haven’t gotten to travel to every city yet, but it just varies. Right now Lubbock has treated us awesome.” 

For more info on tour dates and such visit.
And download his single Texas Too on iTunes!!

Thank you so much Hunter for being such a good sport!
Xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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