Life as the Merch guy!

The man’s name is Shane Milford. He is currently touring with several red dirt bands including Joel Wilson and enjoying every minute of it!

When asked about his hobbies he said, “…other than Reddirt music, I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, kissing, and hanging out with creative people.” Sounds like an awesome person to be around! He has some priorities straight!

I asked him what was the best thing about being on the road?
“My Fav thing about being on the road. I love the unexpected things that happen, meeting new reddirt fans, free beer.” FREE BEER? Who wouldn’t want free beer!

Now the most important thing FOOD!”Best place to eat! That’s a hard one. I’m not a picky eater. I know convenient store food is on the bottom of the list”

I think this was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my life! “My funniest thing! Lol I had a hot chick pull a gun on me after a show. Lets jus say she made me breakfast the next morning.” A little tmi but that’s life on the road right?

I then asked him Who is the coolest person you met on the road? “Coolest person iv met! Wow that’s a hard question. I really enjoy artists thats become my friends, Cole Porter, Chad Sullins, Dylan Stewart…” Isn’t that a great group of people? “….People like bart crow, Granger Smith, Kyle Park, Curtis Grimes were really cool people!”

He now would like to give advice to people who want to join the Texas/Red Dirt music industry.
“Advice! It’s a hard hard road. Do it for the love of music, lyrics and fans. It’s a tight family. Be prepared to see some crazy times”

Thank you so much Shane for taking the time for answering my questions! Your awesome!

West Texan Sweetheart

Ps all photos are from Shane’s profile!

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