Gator Fest!

Well that whole week I was so stressed! I had spent money to go and it was raining. And I was not going to put up with them not having it! I was going rain or shine! 

It was pouring rain that Friday morning and I Facebook messaged there Facebook. They said rain or shine they were going to have it yay! First on the ticket was Dalton Domino! 

I even bought both of his singles!

As you can tell it was pretty chilly! I even bought ponchos cause I was not about to be soaked! 

Next up was Dix hat band! I am so in love with them! What’s not to love about them!

And while listening to Dix Hat band this happened! 😍😍

I got a tshirt and got to meet Dalton!!

Such a great time! I think it was the best show I have ever gone to! 

But next up was Pat Green! I have always been a big fan of his even when I was little! Now Pat Green concerts are amazing and this concert was no different well a little different because we all cuddle together cause it was so cold! Front row status!

And stickers cause who doesn’t love stickers?

Untill the next show 
xxx West Texas Sweetheart!

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